Air Canada Altitude is designed to recognize and reward frequent flyers. But you can also earn miles with Aeroplan®, which offers plenty of opportunities to earn and redeem valuable Aeroplan Miles. Consider it the fast track to amazing experiences.


Earn miles with Air Canada partners

Earn Altitude Qualifying Miles with Air Canada and over 25 Star Alliance member airlines. These miles are also Aeroplan Miles, which you can redeem towards Aeroplan Rewards.


Request mileage credit

If you were not awarded miles within 14 days of your last flight, you can request mileage credit with Aeroplan.


Aeroplan Flight Rewards

Use your Aeroplan Miles for Flight Rewards with over 25 airlines to over 1,300 destinations worldwide.


Star Alliance Upgrade Awards

With an eligible fare, use your Aeroplan Miles to upgrade to a higher class of service on over 25 Star Alliance member airlines, including Air Canada.

How will the relationship change between Air Canada and Aeroplan in 2020?
How does this impact my accumulated Aeroplan Miles?

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