Flight Passes offer incredible value and flexibility to anyone wishing to buy a prepaid package of flight credits within a given geographic zone. From 24/7 online booking to advance seat selection and built-in flexibility, Flight Passes let you pilot your own experiences.


Flight Pass at

A Flight Pass is a prepaid package of electronic one-way flight credits used for travel within a selected geographic zone during a specific period. It's simple – one flight credit equals one one-way trip (including connections) per person.


Flight Pass and Altitude members

Flight Passes make frequent travel with Air Canada even easier – and that should be rewarded.

All Altitude members have the ability to earn either eUpgrade Credits or Altitude Qualifying Miles for eligible Flight Pass activities beginning January 1 (or the day Altitude status is confirmed by e-mail) and December 31. Eligible Flight Pass activities are defined as:

  • The purchase of an eligible Flight Pass of 6, 8, 10, 16 or 20 flight credits in your name (excludes Unlimited Flight Passes, Flight Passes for Business or Flight Passes for Large Corporation).
  • The usage of every 10 eligible flight credits by a single Altitude member in conjunction with a Flight Pass for Business or Flight Pass for Large Corporation. Note that for this type of Flight Pass, eUpgrade Credits or AQM will be earned by the member who uses the 10 eligible flight credits, regardless of who purchases the Flight Pass.
  • The duration of the travel period when you purchase an eligible Unlimited Flight Pass, on a monthly basis.

Note that promotional or time-limited Flight Passes may not be eligible.